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Karim Benzema’s Wife: Who Is Cora Gauthier? 

The wife of famous French footballer Karim Benzema, Cora Gauthier was born in Martinique on April 11th, 1989.  

She has achieved high feats within her career and is best known as a renowned model and Instagram influencer.  

The pair have been together for over six years now and have a baby girl together named Ibrahim  Benzema.  

Cora GauthierFranceApril 11th, 1989Model, Influencer

Early Life 

Unusually for a social media influencer, Cora has managed to keep her early life and education somewhat of a mystery to the public eye; but here’s what we do know… 

As a youngster, she grew up with her Mother (Lisa Gauthier), her Father (Chris Gauthier), and her only sibling; her sister named Sara Gauthier. According to reports, her Father earned his living through being an entrepreneur whilst her Mother was a housewife. 

In her early years, Cora went to a private high school in her local town and then later studied at the  British School of Paris (the only UK government-accredited school in the whole of France).  

During higher education, her proudest achievement was gaining a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of Paris.  

It is said that she was extremely ambitious and intelligent during her schooling years and after she graduated from university, Cora went on to pursue a career in modeling (an industry in which she was passionate about since her youth).  


For what once started out as a hobby, Gauthier realized that modeling could not only be a viable career option for her, but a potentially fruitful one if she were to apply herself.  

Because of her alluring looks, she wasn’t slow in getting deals and climbing higher within the modeling world.  

Currently, Cora Gauthier is an ambassador and model for many high-end brands within the fashion market today. In the past she has worked with ‘Zara’ and ‘Dior’ to help promote their products.  

Cora is also known for her prowess within the swimwear industry and has captivated many across the world with her style of swimwear.  

However, nowadays, Cora restricts her modeling to social media where she has amassed quite the following through her work.  

She also uses her social media accounts to promote a number of endorsed, fashion-related products to advertise to her 120 thousand followers on Instagram.  

The Start of Her Relationship With Karim Benzema 

Cora and Karim are reported to have met in Dubai in the later part of 2015. After the initial attraction, the pair began to date each other and take things more seriously. 

Soon after, Cora would move to Madrid, Spain to be near Benzema (as Karim Benzema played for  Spanish footballing giants Real Madrid).  

After Cora moved to Madrid to continue the relationship, things started to move very quickly for the couple… 

A year on from their first meeting in Dubai, Cora Gauthier and Karim Benzema would take their wedding vows and marry each other in December of 2016.  

According to reports the wedding was privately held in London and kept in tradition with the couple’s religious beliefs. 

Only a short while after the wedding, Cora Gauthier would welcome her first child into the world with Karim Benzema.  

Born on the 5th of May 2017, Ibrahim Benzema would be welcomed into the family with Karim, Cora, and Melia (Karim’s daughter from a previous relationship).  

Keeping Out of The Public Eye 

Despite social media being one of Cora Gauthier’s main streams of income, she doesn’t reveal too much about her personal life on the platform.  

Most of her Instagram page is filled with brand collaborations, advertisements, and fashion.  

Although since the birth of her son, she has seen to be posting more ‘family’ pictures on her account than she did before.  

Although to show how private she really is, Cora hasn’t posted a single picture with Karim Benzema either before or after their marriage! 

Many details about the stages of their relationship have been kept secret as Cora recently came out to say, “It’s our private thing. It’s always been like this. I don’t like to be in the spotlight or on TV”. 

As Cora married one of the most successful footballers in world football, the news of their relationship would inevitably leak out to the press and media.  

Though it has to be said, both Cora and Karim have done a good job of keeping the media spotlight away from their relationship and their family life.  

However, since the news leaked Cora has seen a huge growth in her followers on Instagram and if anything, she’s used this to her advantage when promoting products.  

After getting with Benzema, she has utilized her larger reach within the social media world to progress her career, work with bigger brands and make more money from the fashion/modeling industry.  

Cora Gauthier’s Net Worth? 

Due to her strict rules around privacy and personal information, there is no exact amount that can be attributed to Cora’s name.  

However, we do know that Cora Gauthier has certainly earned a handsome amount of money from her career before she met Karim. 

From her modeling career and partnership with high-end fashion brands, It’s reported that Cora has an estimated net worth of around $3-4 Million dollars.  

It can be assumed that since marrying Benzema (net worth of around $70 Million dollars) and sharing in his riches, (as well as making more money from her newfound fame on social media) that her net worth would have increased significantly.  

What Does The Future Hold For Karim Benzema & Cora Gauthier? 

In the past, Benzema hasn’t exactly been far away from the media spotlight surrounding several controversies, rumors, and even legal troubles that he’s had. 

In 2015, Karim Benzema was arrested by French police for trying to blackmail fellow French national team-mate Mathieu Valbuena regarding the release of an ‘intimate sex tape’.  

The case went worldwide and Benzema was subsequently ruled out from playing for the French national team for the foreseeable future (until Euro 2020 when the Real Madrid striker was called up to the national team to play alongside fellow French striker Kylian Mbappe).  

Very recently, Benzema has also been accused of cheating on his wife Cora Gauthier with Justin  Bieber’s ex-girlfriend (American model Jordan Ozuna) over an Instagram photo that was posted, and then deleted from Benzema’s account.  

The controversy sparked when the picture had similarities with the photo Jordan Ozuna posted on her account a short while after.  

There has been rising speculation online that Cora and Karim have separated, but it’s important to stress that this hasn’t been confirmed officially and to the wider knowledge, the couple is still together amidst the recent controversy.  

It seems as though media attention and drama seem to follow Karim Benzema no matter what he does or where he goes, as the couple keeps their relationship very private it’s hard to discover how things really are. 

From what we can see as of now, Karim, Cora, and their children seem to be content with family life in Madrid and if nothing changes anytime soon, Cora Gauthier and Karim Benzema have a bright future to look forward to.