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How To Get Good At Soccer Fast

Soccer can be a simple game to learn the basics, but becoming great is easier said than done. Some people want to become good at soccer as fast as possible, and some basics are easy to learn that will speed up the process.

Ultimately, it comes down to working on the craft more and more and getting plenty of repetition overall. With that said, these are a few things to keep in mind to become better at soccer as fast as possible.

1. Learn The Rules

It seems like a pretty simple process, but learning the soccer rules is one of the best ways to start becoming good at the sport. Without knowing the rules, a person does not know exactly how to play the game the right way and excelling the way they want to.

Soccer is a pretty simplistic game to learn in general, but some people get overwhelmed by all of the technical aspects of the game. People have a pretty good understanding of how things work at a basic level, but it gets more complicated with new tactics once they are introduced.

2. Dribble, Dribble, & Dribble Some More

Learning how to dribble a soccer ball is one of the most basic skills a person can learn. It does not require anyone else to work on things, and the entire process can go by pretty quickly. Most people are shocked by just how good they become at dribbling, and even though it becomes a lot more complicated when there are defenders around to stop progress, it is still something that people need to learn how to do.

There are plenty of dribbling drills out there to help out with different types of approaches. Incorporating a practice partner can also help considerably, as people start to get a better idea of what works best for them. It is a great way to expose any flaws that might get in the way of a players game reaching another level, and it just becomes a more well-rounded approach in general.

There is never any such thing as doing too much dribbling overall. Eventually, people will pick up how to play the game the right way, and it is a process that comes together very quickly.

3. Work On Different Types of Passing

Passing is another very easy skill to learn the basics of, but it becomes more difficult as time goes on. Many people feel like they have the basics down with simple passing, and to a certain extent, they are correct. Work on stationary passing at first, focusing on the main techniques that lead to success.

Things such as using the inside foot, reading certain angles, and more can all make sense. Even passes that are five yards or less are a great starting point for people who might just now be getting into soccer in general. Progress can be made pretty quickly when working with short distances, so do not ever feel overwhelmed with what is offered.

4. Get Trapping Down

Trapping and containing the soccer ball when coming a players way is a huge skill to master. Also referred to as the first touch, it is a way of stopping the ball and being completely in control when moving around the court. Working on different drills early on will allow players to gain a lot of trust with their feet, and it becomes easier to pull off complicated moves.

Once basic trapping is down, the next step is to pass or even shoot while trapping in one motion. It is a bit more complicated, but something happens in real matches as time goes on. At an early stage, it is all about getting the trapping formation down properly, and not being afraid to take some chances with trapping soccer balls in general.

There are way too many people out there who gloss over the basics, and they do not get everything done that they feel like they should.

5. Attempt Higher Levels of Passing On The Move

Once a person feels like they have the basics down with passing and trapping, they can begin to work on long passes that are a bit more intricate in general. There are different ways to kick a long ball, and the mechanics take a lot of time to master. If a person is just starting, this might be the most complicated part of becoming good at soccer. Once a person gets through it all, they can come out a much better player overall.

Longer passes translate well into shooting, which is why that is the next one on his list. The important thing to remember is that technique matters considerably in this regard, because there is less margin of error. All it takes is for a kick to be slightly off, and it will start to go in a different direction than what a person is hoping for.

6. Simple Shooting

As cool as it might be to hit amazing shots from all angles, the truth is that a lot of goals are scored by making the smart, routine play. People need to be in the right place at the right time, and then put the ball where it needs to be. Shooting and finishing take time to get things right, but combining a lot of the skills above will help considerably.

For beginners, putting the ball on target should be the biggest key. Giving it a chance to go in is all that many teams can ask for, and there are way too many people who try to be too cute with their angles and end up putting themselves in horrible situations. That is the last thing any new player wants to do, as it can be very troublesome to try to tuck things into the right areas.

Simple shots might not even require that much power behind them, as players are more or less redirecting passes or flicking a shot in the right direction. While fast, on-target goals might create the highlights, there are low-risk opportunities that are tough for even advanced players to pull off.

7. More In-Depth Shooting

Practicing some tougher shots can come in time, as there is a time and a place for these opportunities. Start with stationary shots such as penalty kicks, and even go up to shots off the dribble. Shooting is a skill that does not come overnight, but people get a pretty good feel as time goes on what they are capable of pulling off.

A lot of this comes down to timing, as beginners will have a very tough time getting their feet ready for a proper shot. Learning how to shoot shots with both legs helps considerably, and slowing the game down will allow players to see more open opportunities as they open up.

8. Keep Things Simple

Having success in soccer, or most sports for that matter, involves trying to keep things as simple as possible. It might seem overwhelming for beginners trying to do anything and everything to stay up with everyone else, but slowing the game down will pay off hugely.

Never feel like it is necessary to do too much to stay up with everyone else. Sometimes, it is best to focus on strengths, and be in the right areas at the right time.

9. Stay Motivated

The final tip might be as generic as they come, but it is something that applies to any sport out there. One of the best ways to become better at any sport is to stay motivated so that success starts to come naturally.

One of the more frustrating things that could happen to anyone getting into soccer is that they eventually lose motivation. As soon as that goes out the window, there is a chance of never reaching those initial goals.

Sure, some people simply grow out of the sport, but if the motivation is not there, see what works and what does not. Some drills end up being huge motivators, while others are too boring. It is up to an individual to find what works for them, and then stick with it when working out alone.

Soccer is ultimately a team game, but there are so many ways to improve with the right motivation during downtime. Motivation goes a long way towards ultimately getting better and better to make it a more enjoyable game overall.