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FIFA Best Awards To Messi: A Tale of Misunderstood Rules!

The Manchester City player celebrates his goal after a draft victory.

⚽ FIFA’s Best Awards Stir Controversy

So, here’s the scoop on the latest football drama. Roberto Martinez, the Portugal manager, dropped a bombshell about FIFA’s The Best awards. Turns out, Lionel Messi snatched the title from Erling Haaland, but not everyone’s cheering. Why, you ask? Well, it’s a bit of a mix-up.

Messi vs. Haaland: A Tangled Tale

Messi, the star we all know, tied with Haaland, the goal machine from Manchester City. Both had their moments, but Messi won with more nods from national team captains. Here’s the kicker – the award was supposed to cover a period excluding the 2022 World Cup, where Messi shone with Argentina. Confused yet?

Martinez’s Voting Blunder

Martinez admits he goofed up. He thought the World Cup performances counted, so he voted for Marcelo Brozovic. It’s not just him; others also seem to have tripped up on this. So, Messi’s World Cup heroics might have swayed the votes, albeit unintentionally.

Messi’s Win: More Than Just Goals

Despite the mix-up, Messi’s feats are nothing to scoff at. He scored like a boss for PSG and then took his magic to Inter Miami. Compared to Haaland’s goal-fest at Man City, it was a different kind of brilliance.

Brozovic’s Unfortunate Oversight

Martinez’s vote for Brozovic, a champ in his own right, raises eyebrows. It shows how the voting confusion might have skewed the results. Poor Brozovic’s Champions League and Inter Milan exploits got overshadowed in this award fiasco.

Messi: A Trailblazer in MLS

Despite the controversies, Messi’s win is historic. He’s the first MLS star to bag this award, showing that football’s charm isn’t just in Europe’s glittering stadiums.

The Big Question: Were Voters Clear on the Rules?

This whole drama begs the question – did everyone voting know what they were voting for? The World Cup’s timing threw a curveball, and it seems some voters might have missed the memo.