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25 Coolest Soccer Club Logos of All Time

Club Logos (also known as badges or crests depending on where you are reading this) are the identity of a soccer team, they are the most recognizable aspect of a club and take pride of place on their jersey.

Each club has its own logo, with the designs ranging from minimalist takes all the way to simply crazy approaches. 

Today we will be going on a world tour and taking a look at the 25 best club logos of all time. 

25. Nottingham Forest 

We start our list in England and one of the most historic logos in the Premier League. The Logo of Nottingham Forest features a singular tree with the word ‘Forest’ underneath it. 

This may seem like a relatively basic design, but it represents the ‘Major Oak’ tree that is found in the famous Sherwood Forest near Nottingham. The tree is said to be home to the famous outlaw Robin Hood and is an important part of the city’s culture. 

24. Arsenal FC

The team known around the world as the ‘Gunners’ have also got a simple yet effective design that focuses on the history of their local area.

The logo features a golden cannon in the center, and this is a reference to the Woolwich area of London in which the club was founded. 

This club is famous for its military ties and the logo and nickname are a subtle reference to this history. 

23. Manchester United 

Based in the industrial hub of England, the biggest team in the country has one of the most recognizable logos in World Soccer. The logo features references to the Manchester Ship Canal that made the area an industrial powerhouse during the Victorian era. 

The Devil is also a nod to the hard work and struggles that the road to success takes, something that fans around the world are proud of. Previous iterations of the logo were more popular though. 

22. 1860 Munich

One of the founding members of the German Bundesliga, the second team in Munich take 22nd place today. The logo features a black lion on a white background, making it an eye-catching design that always stands out. 

The lion is a common feature in Bavarian logos as it is synonymous with the region. The club’s shirts are also some of the most iconic in German Soccer thanks to this logo. 

21. Tranmere Rovers

In an era where simple designs are taking hold, English fourth division side Tranmere Rovers have adopted an elaborate logo that encompasses aspects of their entire history.

The center of the logo has reference to each of the areas of the Wirral (where the club is from), a submarine in appreciation of legendary manager Johnny King, and the words Ubi Fides Ibi Lux Et Robur (a Latin motto that translates to Where There is Faith There is Light and Strength). 

This is a logo and team worth researching for yourself. 

20. AC Milan

Another iconic team deserves an iconic logo, the Italian giants take us into the top 20. This logo is similar to many in Italy, with it being an oval shape that is closely linked to Serie A teams. 

Inside the logo, there are two key features, the black and red stripes that represent the colours of the club (Rossoneri) and a flag that resembles the cross of St George (the flag of England. For Milan, this cross represents the nobility and the pope and how they are united by AC Milan. 

19. Galatasaray

Turkish side Galatasaray has the most familiar logo in the Turkish Soccer pyramid and takes 19th on our list. The logo has been used in similar guises since the team’s formation, with the colors red and yellow being prominent throughout. 

The alternative design is meant to show the core values of the club (passion, energy, progressiveness, determination, reliability, and a desire to always fight for the win). 

18. FC Köln

In the 18th spot are the German club FC Köln. The Bundesliga team has an interesting logo that features a goat standing on top of a Soccer ball, which may sound strange but actually has a historic reason. 

The goat is a reference to the club’s nickname the ‘Billy Goat’s’ and is said to be a depiction of Hennes the goat, which is said to have been donated to the team from a traveling circus in the 1950s. 

17. Lincoln City FC

Back to England for the 17th-placed club. Lincoln City is another team that has a logo featuring a peculiar creature front and center. 

The team is known as the ‘Imps’, with their logo having this devilish creature as the main feature. The Imp is a folk legend of the city and is a core part of the local identity, which is why the club features it so heavily. 

16. New England Revolution

Whilst the old Revolution logo was a famous MLS brand, the new variation is equally as impressive. The simplified design features a large R in the center, with it said to be a representation of the revolutionary war that largely took place in New England. 

The club is proud to be American and their logo is meant to be in honor of this patriotism and defiance of English rule (on and off the Soccer field). 

15. Paris FC

They may not be the largest team in Paris, but Paris FC certainly has a more impressive badge than their cross-city rivals PSG. The logo obviously features the famous Eiffel Tower in the center, as this is the most famous landmark of the city. 

Underneath this, the Fleur-De-Lys can be found. This white emblem represents French royalty and is a nod to the fact that King Louis the 14th was born in the area where the club plays in. 

14. Olympiacos FC

In 14th place is a logo that couldn’t get more historic if it tried! The Greek side Olympiacos takes inspiration from the Ancient Olympic games, with the identity of the club being heavily based on this history. 

The logo features an Olympic athlete being crowned in a victory wreath that inspires the teams players to always pursue victory and honor. There are also four stars above the logo that show the 40 national titles that the club has won. 

13. Pumas UNAM

Whilst many teams on this list have designs focused on their local area, the Mexican side UNAM has a logo that was actually inspired by an American Football coach from the 1940s. 

The club is a university-based team and was given the nickname ‘Pumas’ by former coach Roberto Méndez, this stuck with the bosses of the team, and they soon adopted the Puma as their identity. This sleek design is the most famous Mexican logo and is commonly used by players in the FIFA game. 

12. Real Madrid

In 12th place are the best team in the history of Soccer, the great Real Madrid. The Spanish behemoths has a classy logo that takes inspiration from the royal family of Spain (the team has long had close links to the royal family of their country). 

There are also subtle notes of red and blue in the logo, these colors are said to depict the unified energy of the fans, stability, loyalty, and as always a desire to win. Fair to say that the club has taken this message forward for many years. 

11. Wolfsburg FC

They may not be the most popular club in German Soccer, but their logo is one of the most famous and recognizable. The team is based in the grounds of the Volkswagen car factory and was created by the automotive company as a team for their staff to support. 

The logo takes inspiration from the VW emblem, with a large W as the main component of it. This W simply refers to Wolfsburg, the home of the team, and is both simple and effective. 

10. Tottenham Hotspur

As we hit the top 10 in our list, the 10th spot goes to English side Tottenham Hotspur. The logo of the North London-based club is actually a representation of one of the club founders favourite pastimes. 

Harry Hotspur was a fan of cockfighting and regularly went to watch the sport during Tottenham’s early years, so the cockerel on the club logo is a direct reference to this rather peculiar history. 

You can read more about Tottenham’s logo in this post.

9. Newell’s Old Boys

in 9th place is another simple design, this time from the Argentinian Premier League. Newell’s Old Boys are one of the most famous teams from the country and have a logo to back this up. 

The black and red colours in the background are a representation of the teams jersey colors and the letter N.O.B is simply an abbreviation of the club name. Like some others on this list, it is a popular choice for FIFA players. 

8. Liverpool FC

The highest placed English team on our list, Liverpool has an iconic logo that takes inspiration from an iconic city. 

The most prominent aspect of the Liverpool logo is the Liver bird that can be found in the center. The two Liver birds can be found on top of the famous Liver Buildings on the banks of the River Mersey and are said to be the protectors of the city.  

7. FC Hansa Rostock 

Found in the Port city of Rostock, the controversial team from the German second tier takes the 7th spot. The logo of the right-wing supported team features a ship in the center, with a red dragon blazoned across it. 

The dragon has no real connection to the club or the city of Rostock but it looks really cool and that is enough for the logo to make it so high on our list. 

6. FC Copenhagen  

In 6th place, we take a trip to the Danish capital and a logo that was designed by the creator of Danish beer producer Carlsberg’s logo. 

FC Copenhagen’s logo is another simple design that features a large blue lion across the entirety of the emblem. This lion is the mascot of the team, with the being nicknamed the ‘lions’. The club colors are also all found on the logo, with notes of blue, white, and red all found across it. 

5. Hertha Berlin 

One of the oldest teams in German Soccer, Hertha Berlin was founded in 1892 and take 5th place on our list. Their logo is also a simple one, with it said to be the brainchild of one of its founders. 

The founder enjoyed using a steamboat, which would often feature a large flag on the rear. The flag logo followed and has been used ever since, the colors are of course those that are worn on the field by the teams’ players. 

4. Borussia Dortmund

The German club is one of the biggest in the country and is arguably the king of minimal logo design. The logo is of course in the traditional yellow and black colors of the team, with the letters B.V.B strewn across the front. 

There are often questions as to why these letters feature so prominently on the logo; however, they are merely the abbreviation for the club’s full name (Ballspielveren Borussia 09 e.V. Dortmund). 

3. FC Barcelona

In 3rd place are the Catalan giants FC Barcelona. This logo is a complex one, with many aspects that are all important to the team’s identity. 

The logo features – the St George cross, the Catalan flag, the Barcelona colors, and a ball on the bottom. Each feature has an important link to the club, but the ball is the most interesting aspect. 

This is there to represent the style of play that is key to the Barcelona identity, with passing and intricate play synonymous with the club. 

2. Atalanta BC

The Bergamo-based club takes 2nd place on our list, with their stylish oval-shaped logo being my personal favorite in Europe. 

The logo is centered on an image of the famous Greek god Atalanta, a virgin runner that has flowing black and white hair. This hair is a key part of the team’s identity and has been featured on every iteration of the logo. 

Blue and black colorways are also prominent on the logo, as these are the colors that the team plays in. 

1. Orlando Pirates

The best logo of All Time is the Orlando Pirates from South Africa. This may not be the team you were expecting to see at the top of our list, however, there is a simple explanation for the decision. 

The logo is a skull and crossbones. 

With the name Pirates, it is no surprise that the club adopted this iconic flag as their logo. The flag is designed to strike fear into their opponents, just like it was when the flag was flown in the high seas. 

There we go then, the 25 best club logos of all time. Would you have included any others on our list? I’d really recommend researching this topic for your own club and finding out why their logo looks the way it does.