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Xavi Stays! Big News from Barcelona

A close-up of Xavi celebrating enthusiastically, gesturing with clenched fists, wearing a black jacket, with an intense expression and open mouth.

Here’s the scoop on Barcelona’s coaching situation: Xavi Hernandez isn’t going anywhere. Following a decisive meeting tonight, and with a strong push from President Joan Laporta, Xavi has agreed to stay on as the head coach for another season.

Joan Laporta was quite clear in his statement, “I’m thrilled to announce that Xavi will be with us for another season. Despite earlier talks about him possibly leaving, we’ve turned things around. Xavi is as determined as ever to lead the team, sharing our vision of keeping Barça at the peak.”

The vibe is positive at Camp Nou. Xavi himself is over the moon about continuing with the project here. “It’s fantastic news for Barça,” he said, emphasizing the importance of stability in building a winning team. Xavi’s passion for Barcelona is unmistakable—he lives and breathes Barça.

🏆 Xavi Commits to Another Season at Barcelona