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9 Best Turf Soccer Shoes

Artificial turf is popping up more and more these days, which means players need to get proper turf soccer shoes to have success. It can be a little tedious to have yet another pair of soccer shoes to count on, but they make a significant difference.

You definitely do not want to be wearing your indoor soccer shoes on turf. If you need more information on that one check out our article, Can You Use Indoor Soccer Shoes on Turf.

These are the nine best turf soccer shoes out right now. No matter what type of player a person is, they can benefit from having turf options that make them capable of moving and cutting how they like. Being too limited on the pitch can cause a player to hold back from going 100%. If they do go 100% with poor shoes, the risk of injury shoots up.

1. Nike Tiempo Legacy Turf

The Nike Tiempo Legacy cleat has been around for a while, but the turf options are a little newer. It is an older type of style that will not be crazy for everyone, but some love that leather cleats provide such a great touch. It is very soft overall, while also being flexible enough to break in and feel like they should.

Many people notice that the shoe starts to contort to a person’s foot as time goes on. The turf version has some small studs made of rubber that works well on turf or grass made artificially. It is a low-profile fit for the studs overall, which is a preferred option for many.


  • Very comfortable, classic fit
  • Molds to the foot for a nice fit
  • Durable for the price


  • Leather is a bit too heavy for some
  • Toe area shows wear quickly

2. Nike MercurialX Victory

There is a new version of the Nike MercurialX Victory that comes out seemingly every year, but this is the best of the best when people break things down. It seems to be a lightweight option that works well on artificial grass and artificial turf, and it is becoming more versatile with newer generations.

Nike knew that with the turf shoes, they wanted to make sure that everyone could enjoy it as much as the top athletes. That is why they did plenty of real-world testing to ensure that everything falls into place. These indoor shoes do not come in quite as many colors as the cleats, but it is still nice to see all the effort to bring these to life for indoor players.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfort


  • Limited Colours

3. Nike MercurialX Victory CR7

Buying a turf shoe just because a certain player endorses them is something that not everyone is a fan of. However, the CR7 version of the Nike MercurialX Victory is an enhanced version with Cristiano Ronaldo’s name attached to it.

What exactly does that mean? Mostly, the colors are a bit different, and there is a logo for the Portuguese star as well. Everything else is about all that anyone can ask for out of a turf shoe at the moment.


  • Pricing stays mostly the same despite CR7 endorsement
  • New colors
  • Outstanding blend of weight and support


  • Limited color choices compared to the original
  • Tougher to find top size options

4. Adidas Predator 19+

As one of the top options for regular soccer cleats, it should come as no surprise that the Adidas Predator 19+ is definitely one of the best in turf form. They can make the transition pretty smoothly, giving people the type of turf shoes that they need to stay comfortable and still have that feel on the ball whenever they are playing.

The latest construction comes over from the main cleat option, as does all the other technology that people are accustomed to. The primeknit and controlskin upper are perfect for the best type of control a person could ask for. With boost in the midsole, people feel very comfortable when moving around as well.

Adidas definitely has a lot of the market share when it comes to soccer cleats and turf shoes, for that matter. The Predator 19+ is perfect for those who need the type of foot support necessary to tackle such a unique surface.


  • Laceless construction keeps away any distractions
  • Boost is very comfortable
  • Controlskin upper works well


  • Expensive
  • Some colors start to wear away early after use

5. Adidas Copa Mundial

A turf shoe style that looks like a classic but performs like a modern option, the Adidas Copa Mundial is definitely worthy of consideration. Those who really love a soft and comfortable shoe from top to bottom will love the leather that surrounds the toe. With a very cushioned ride the people fall in love with, it is perfect for long matches as well.

A lot of soccer players have depended on the style of shoe for quite some time. It is very interesting to see how well they stack up, even against shoes that are much more modern with technology. For some, it is a matter of comfort, and dependability also plays a role.


  • Comfortable leather on the top of the foot
  • Outsole provides the ultimate connection to the surface
  • Durable


  • A bit heavier than some modern options
  • Lace closure sometimes gets in the way

6. Adidas Nemeziz Tango 18.3

Players love to have many different options when it comes to playing soccer. These turfs are great for those who want the best type of agility, not having to fear any slippage or harm to their ankles overall.

What people notice right away is that this has one of the best grips for turf shoes out there. The same goes for all versions of the 18.3, as Adidas has always made sure that people feel comfortable when running around. That extra ability to count on the supportive agility bandage definitely helps in the upper, cutting down on any injuries that might pop up.

These are not for everyone, but Adidas has shown that they provide more often to anyone else out there. If the others do not seem like a perfect fit, this might be the way to go.


  • Very supportive for the ankle
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent grip


  • Seem a bit too minimalistic for some
  • Limited colors for turfs

7. Adidas Mundial Team

The final option from Adidas to make this list is a more affordable solution overall. Many people would love to have the best of the best as far as soccer shoes are concerned, but they might not be able to fit into every person’s budget. This is a perfect solution for those who want to keep things a little bit cheaper overall.

The Adidas Mundial Team certainly does not feel like a turf shoe making any sacrifices at all. Many are very surprised with exactly how much support they get from all angles. Not only that, but it helps significantly with the overall feel and touch on the turf.

Yes, the options above are tailored for more well-rounded, advanced players, but do not hesitate to give the Adidas Mudial Team a try for something a bit cheaper. They might just be surprised.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to find the right size
  • Classic fit


  • Limited features for advanced players
  • Next to no real color choices

8. Puma King Allround

Turf trainers from Puma are not much different from all the other options out there, but the Puma King Allround is a classic look that many people have depended on throughout the years. It might not seem like the most lightweight and comfortable shoe at first glance, but it does everything a person could ask for when hitting the turf.

Between the 100% leather upper and the rubber sole, a person knows that they will get a shoe customized to their foot almost right away. The more a person plays with these at first, the better off they feel and look in general. It also helps that the Puma cell ultimate cushioning holds up for the long term, which is why people will continually use these every single time they are playing.

They look a little too basic for some people, but there is not really much to do about that. They are meant more for functioning well than standing out in the crowd. Puma is sticking to a classic look for the most part, and as long as they perform well, do not expect them to change anything up anytime soon.


  • Classic look and feel
  • 100% leather upper
  • Comfortable thanks to the Puma cell ultimate cushioning


  • Very limited color choices
  • Lacks some of the top in technology found in other turfs

9. Joma Men’s Dribling

With so many big companies dominating the headlines as far as turf footwear is concerned, Joma makes one of the best budget options for people who do not want to spend a lot of money and still have quality turf soccer shoes. These have great durability considering the cost, and they are pretty easy to break in while getting out on the pitch as well.

One of the reasons why these stand out compared to some of the other cheap options out there is that they are pretty flexible when moving around. This allows them to fit many different types of feet, and people are always going to feel pretty comfortable when they are playing different positions.

Many kids will wear these shoes, as well as players who might not be at the highest levels. This is because they will be good enough as far as support is concerned, and a person has to worry about tearing them up. Maybe more advanced players will need to spend more money, but these are great for budget-conscious people.


  • Outstanding durability
  • Easy to break-in
  • Flexible for different foot shapes


  • A bit light on traction
  • Color choices are limited

Making The Final Decision

While all the soccer cleats mentioned above are great options, there are one that stands out. It’s the Nike MercurialX Victory, not only is it one of the most comfortable and durable turf cleats on the market, but it’s also no denying that it’s one of the best looking cleats in the world (at least if you ask me).

For your convenience, here are all the soccer turf cleats I recommended above