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7 Best Soccer Forums

As the most popular sport in the world, it should come as no surprise that there are plenty of soccer forums out there. The hard thing is finding quality discussion surrounding the right topics.

To make this list, there needs to be quite a bit of users posting on a daily basis. Getting differing opinions keeps everyone engaged, even if it is not always about the biggest leagues in the world. These forums are all great starting points for those into the game.

1. Big Soccer

It is hard to find quality soccer forums that like to talk about all the different leagues at once. Big Soccers is one of the best to do exactly that. Sections help people stay organized and follow along as best possible.

For simplicity and an organized overall approach, Big Soccer is the perfect way to go. This is a message board that has categories for anything, and there seems to be a great variety of fans. People stay relatively civil, although there are always bound to be a few issues popping up.

With all the choices it offers, it can be tedious to jump from different sections on the message board. Some people might like a more mega group approach, but this is a way for fans of teams to get exactly the type of information they need. It also helps cut down on the level of disagreements.

2. r/soccer

Like just about every other sport, reddit has a forum that has taken off for soccer fans. While there are numerous ones out there for people who like the game, this is the most popular one to gather information in one place.

People need to understand that they will get the good and the bad with reddit when they are looking around. Most of the time, the good outweighs the bad, as there is some in-depth analysis and some original content posted from time to time.

What really keeps people coming back is that nothing solidifies the community. It is sometimes challenging to keep up with soccer and what is going on, and having a reliable source of information is something that can really be beneficial.

3. Futhead

Quite a few people online love to talk about how great this website used to be. While there are still plenty of posts on the website, it has strayed away from serious talk and let in a lot more off-topic discussions. This turns some people off, but it still deserves a spot on his list for when people do put in the effort to post quality material.

It was one of the first message boards to bring people together from all walks of life, and that counts for something. With constant chatter throughout the year, it is without question worth giving it a try.

4. Footymad

These forums might have a strong focus on English and Scottish Leagues, but they do enough talking about the other big leagues that they make the list. There are quite a few passionate fans who might take things a little too seriously at times, but it is some pretty good chatter for the most part.

There always seems to be at least a few people who are pretty plugged into the league in England and Scotland when it comes to news. Even if it is not confirmed, getting some rumors early on is something that entices many people to join message boards in the first place. Think of this as a way to get some more information and have an inside look without having to pay a premium price.

5. Talkfootball365

The activity levels on this message board fluctuate from time to time, but it is still considered a pretty good option for those who want to stay engaged. Having soccer fans from all over the world, it is a pretty welcoming place for people who are starting now. Out of all the ones to make this list, this might be the most user-friendly for first-time posters trying out message boards.

What it lacks is as much focus on some of the smaller leagues that are out there. It would be nice if more fans from around the globe join and add some to that discussion, but people do like the fact that it is pretty small and flexible overall.


It is all about simplicity with football forums. They do not try to do too much as far as fancy features are concerned, but that is just fine with people who love the sport. It’s more about discussing with others, and finding out the latest news and information in leagues worldwide.

This is another website that had its first beginnings in the United Kingdom, but they have expanded globally so that fans from all over can join and have some fun. It is a great way to gather information as a fan, learn about some betting tips, and more. There are still a few hundred active members at any given time, so the activity is pretty good for people who are worried about that.


Talking soccer is another very well organized message board that allows people to read through the archives and gather some pretty valuable information. If they want to talk today, they can count on a fairly active group of members to this day. They might not currently be as popular as they were in the past, but many people have been using the same message board for years and years.

When there are a lot of older users, it can feel a little intimidating to join for the first time. The good news is that they are pretty welcoming to fans, which can put people at ease right away. It might not be the only message for the person signing up for it, but it is certainly one to keep in mind. A lot of people end up counting on this option for a very long time and check it on a daily basis in some instances.