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7 Best Soccer Cleats For Women

Women’s soccer has exploded at nearly every level, which means that a lot of top companies are focusing on making specific shoes for these athletes. Some people might not initially think that there is much difference between men’s and women’s soccer cleats, but they are usually a bit narrower and come in slightly different colors.

While some players might still want to go with a men’s soccer cleat since there are more options, there are specific women’s cleats out there. Here is a look at the 7 best options worth checking out as solid overall options.

1. Adidas Performance Ace 15.4

A modern performance soccer cleat that still has a classic look, the Adidas Performance Ace 15.4 is definitely near the top of any list. It provides excellent ball control and touch for any position, all while providing a very comfortable shoe that will hold up during the entire mass.

Stability is great with the shoe, especially for one that is a little on the lower side as far as prices are concerned. It is not going to have the same cutting edge technology out there as other cleats, but not everyone is looking for an option like that.

For a well-rounded cleat that just works as expected, the simplicity is something a lot of people like about this. The shoe has a look and fit that is nearly timely.


  • Very classic look
  • Upper allows for great control
  • Cheap


  • Can get a little warm in hot conditions
  • Lacks top and durability

2. Adidas Goletto VII FG

Another affordable option worth checking out from Adidas is the women’s Goletto VI FG soccer shoe. It is a top seller almost every year, even though it has a very simple design and lacks the top-end technology found in other cleats. What many people end up doing is buying this cleat for younger players or those just starting, and then finding out that they perform very well.

It is a pretty simple set up, but people shopping in this price range are not necessarily looking for truly spectacular technology. Instead, they want something that feels comfortable, plays well on different surfaces, looks good, and prevents injury.

One particular feature that stands out is the outsole. It can sometimes be a struggle for cleats to perform in adverse weather conditions, but this one does a very good job overall.


  • Timeless look and design
  • Affordable for all levels of player
  • Consistent fit


  • Studs could be a bit better in wet conditions
  • Takes some time to break in

3. Adidas X 19.1 Firm Ground

Out of the top-end models from Adidas, the X 19.1 Firm Ground options are perhaps the best overall. They are going to fit the most types of players, and they come in many different colors that help players stand out as well.

Adidas has poured a lot of technology into these cleats, but maybe the most noticeable is that very lightweight feel as soon as they are slept on. The thin mesh upper is not only lightweight, but keeps the foot cool in any conditions.

Players who love a locked-in feel on low-cut cleats will also benefit greatly from this setup. Players can accelerate quickly when the opportunity arises. At the same time, the shoe is not so lightweight that it leaves a person vulnerable to a possible injury. There is a lot of support throughout all parts of the foot.

They are adding new colors all the time, and they stand out on the pitch as one of the best options. Unless a player specifically wants a higher cut shoe, this is a great top-end option to try.


  • Very thin, comfortable mesh upper
  • Keeps foot locked in
  • Multiple colors


  • Expensive and built for top-end players only
  • Not everyone is a fan of low-cut shoes

4. Diadora Women’s Maracana MD

Outside of Nike and Adidas, the brand that shows up on a lot of pithes is Diadora. They offer plenty of high-end options for players, but they also do a great job with the basics. One of the best-sellers just happens to be the Maracana MD. It is a simple cleat with basic technology, but it is very effective for different skill levels.

Players who simply want a functional cleat at an affordable price will love the overall simplicity of this option. It is made of 100% composition leather, and that offer is a pretty good fit up top. There is a built-in control zone on the upper, which allows players to pass and shoot with a bit more precision.

Most of the colors from the Diadora Maracana MD are pretty basic, but that is what most are looking for overall. As long as the cleat is functional and holds up, it is very much worth the price.


  • Simple, effective design
  • 100% composition leather
  • Touch control zone works well


  • Might be a little heavier than what some people want
  • Does not last as long as more expensive options

5. Nike Phantom Vision 2

A top-end model from Nike that is available for men and women is the Nike Phantom Vision 2. With women-specific options available to provide a very snug fit and unique colors, players do not have to make any sacrifices to get a performance model that proves its worth.

With a Flyknit upper and a mesh bootie system, players will notice that there is a lot of flexibility and overall comfort with this cleat. Once it is on foot, players will also notice that it is very easy with touch, and molds to the foot after just a little bit of playing time.

A lot of companies offer texture on the upper of their cleats to add touch and control with the ball. Nike is no different, and this cleat has one of the best setups out there. It makes a difference, and shows players that a high-end cleat will offer just a little bit more for the money. It also is less likely to lose some of its effectiveness during the lifespan of the cleats. All in all, it is a great all-around cleat that fits many different playing styles for the player taking the game seriously.


  • Very comfortable fit right away
  • Target texture provides great touch and control
  • Foot feels locked in during the entire match


  • Some might not like the collar around the ankle
  • Not the best during poor weather conditions

6. Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 Pro FG

As a solid mid-tier option, many turn to the Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 Pro FG as a clear choice worth the investment. Players can get some of the top technology Nike offers, all at roughly half the price of true top-end models.

Having a Flyknit upper and one-piece lining provides a very comfortable and supportive fit around the entire foot. It is also very durable, so a player will not lose that fit after just a few matches. When laced correctly, it is just going to feel extremely comfortable when out there.

The shoe also performs very well in all different conditions, so players do not have to make an investment on different cleats for different scenarios. This makes it a great cleat for a high school player, or someone who does not want to spend a ton of money on soccer footwear.

The texture on the upper is not super aggressive, but it does provide a nice increase in overall touch. All in all, it is a very sleek shoe that looks good and performs well. There are a lot of cleats offered by Nike that have relatively the same type of fit, but this stands out a bit above the rest.


  • Built for many different types of players
  • Value-priced for the technology
  • Consistent texture on the upper enhances touch and control


  • Limited colorways
  • Feels a little sluggish on dry pitches compared to others

7. Puma Women’s EvoSpeed 4.2 FG

Puma has a wide range of soccer cleats for women just like all the other brands, but this seems to be a very popular model for value. The Puma Women’s Evo Speed 4.2 FG can’t stack up against the very best cleats out there, but it is a good overall option for practice or lower levels.

For a shoe that is very affordably priced, this is a very lightweight and comfortable option worth considering. It takes a little bit of time to break-in, but the leather molds to the foot and provide players with a good amount of touch once they are worn for a bit.

The cleat is very low profile, which is good news for players who do not want anything too bulky. From the padded collar to the low profile tongue, the cleat sits nicely on foot and provide players with exactly what they are looking for. It never feels like a cheap option as far as on-foot performance is concerned.

Color choices are a bit different compared to other cleats out there, which a lot of shoppers seem to enjoy. Even though it is an affordable price shoe, it looks and feels like a premium option that will stand out in just about any setting.


  • Synthetic leather molds to the foot after time
  • Very lightweight, comfortable profile
  • Cleats operate well in all weather conditions


  • Takes a while to break-in
  • Sizing is tricky when shopping online

Making The Final Decision

Out of all the soccer cleats mentioned above, it’s hard to not pick the Adidas X 19.1 FG. Yes, they are expensive, but there is just nothing to really hate with the Adidas X 19.1 cleats. If you are interested, you can check the current price on Amazon here.

They provide everything that a modern women’s soccer player could ask for, and even the style looks very specific for females. Players know that they have a cleat that will only enhance their overall play. If you are interested, you can check the current price on Amazon here.

There is just no way around the fact that to have a great pair of cleats at the highest level, a person needs to spend money. Women soccer players are taking the game more seriously than ever, so anyone at the high school level or up will see quite a bit of benefit from these cleats. It might not be a great first option, but everyone else will benefit.

Here is the full list of the best soccer cleats for women