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10 Best Soccer Apps For Players & Fans

Staying plugged into the soccer scene is hard to do when matches and leagues are scattered all around the world. There are important matches globally, and trying to keep track of it all in so many different time zones can be exhausting.

That’s why it comes in handy to have soccer apps not only to keep track of everything, but to learn how to play the game as well. Using a smartphone as a way to stay informed is not anything new, but it’s a way to make improvements in every single way.

What are the best soccer apps to check out? No matter what a person is looking to get out of a download, they can certainly see the benefit of using these.


  • Live Score, Streaming, News

There used to be a time when the ESPN app was not exactly friendly for soccer fans. This has more to do with the popularity of soccer and its growth over the years.

Instead of being thought of as a filler sport more than anything, a lot of people have embraced soccer in the United States. That means from a business standpoint, it makes all the sense in the world for ESPN to do the same.

For an app that’s not completely dedicated to soccer, ESPN does a great job of offering so much under one roof. It’s not going to provide the most hard-hitting soccer information, but all of the details are updated frequently so that no one misses out.

Being able to watch some of the games directly through the ESPN app is also very beneficial for fans out there who might not be able to find a television.


  • Mobile Game

FIFA has long been one of the most outstanding video games for people to play at nearly any level. With different skill levels to choose from, people can get just the right challenge wherever they play. In fact, a lot of people are gravitating towards this type of play on the go, as it’s fast-paced and easy to get some games in.

Everyone by now knows the basic premise of playing the game. While this is a stripped-down version compared to the full options available on PlayStation, Xbox, computers, and more, it’s still fun and free to download.

There are some traps that will cost players to pay a little bit of money, but those who really enjoy it won’t feel like it’s too much of a burden. Considering the game is free to download, paying a little bit of money along the way isn’t too big of a deal.

3. MLS

  • Results, Tickets, Videos

North Americans have embraced MLS and what it has become over the years. Even though it’s not considered a top-end league just yet, the fan support is growing each year to the point that many stay plugged in. The MLS app is something that a lot of people should be considering if they are trying to stay up-to-date with the league.

The league also does a great job of making sure that fans can purchase tickets through the app if they want to, and also enhance their gameday experience. They have one of the better apps out there for any league, and as the MLS grows, it’s only going to get better.

4. Techne Futbol

  • Soccer Improvement

This app is for current soccer players looking to improve their game as much as possible. It can get pretty expensive to get a personal trainer, and the same goes for joining a league to get some competition as well. Techne Futbol saves people money as it’s free to join, and even using in-app purchases is pretty affordable.

No matter what a person is trying to improve on, they can get it done with the app. There are written instructions, as well as plenty of videos to comb through and pick up some skill along the way. It works for players of all ages, as there are different drills depending on skill level.

A lot of other apps have been released that focus on helping with soccer improvement, but this is currently the best of the best. Those who are willing to give it a try pretty quickly notice that their game improves significantly. It’s one of the best boosts one can ask for.

5. theScore

  • Live Score, News

As an alternative to ESPN, theScore is perfect for soccer fans to stay locked in. They provide all the valuable information a fan could ask for, and there are even soccer writers providing free content to read about the biggest events.

Most look at the score as a more simplified version of ESPN, which is why they like navigating the app as much as possible. It doesn’t come off as flashy or provide any bonus content ESPN or others might, but it gets the job done for those who want to check quickly, and then go back to what they are doing.

6. OneFootball

  • Live Scores, Stats, News

A lot of long-time followers of soccer have counted on OneFootball for quite a long time. They have always been at the forefront in giving quality information promptly, making sense of all the different matches happening all over the world.

While it may not be the most intricate way to follow sports on the internet simply checking scores, it’s something to keep in mind as a way to stay plugged in. It’s another option for those more passive fans who just want the numbers, and don’t care about much else.

7. Forza Football

  • Live Score, Results, Lineups

Updates come very quickly with Forza Football, which is perfect for those on the go. It acts like a lot of other apps that offer live scores and videos, but it once again shows that less can sometimes be more.

With the ability to set a personal match list and view instant lineups, it’s very easy to open up and get fast information. They provide live scoring during important matches, and push notifications to stay engaged whenever something big happens. Video highlights are coming from football leagues all around the world as well, helping to stay in tune with what’s going on.

It might not be the most well-known soccer app out there, but a lot of people have counted on it for years. They don’t make a lot of changes unless they feel it is necessary, as stability and familiarity are major selling points.

8. BeSoccer

  • Live Score, News, Stats

Counting on BeSoccer to stay locked in is a big part of being a soccer fan. They have live scores available, as well as all the news and stats that one can ask for. It can be tough staying locked in during weird parts of the day, but they are always providing updates necessary for that to happen.

With an easy-to-navigate setup, it really comes down to personal preference. Some people will like BeSoccer and gravitate towards it more than any other soccer app.

Others will latch onto one of the alternative options and go from there. It might not be necessary to have all of these apps downloaded, but having a few options certainly helps out.

Those in charge of the app are always listening to feedback and will make changes based on what users want. It’s all about the user experience, which is perfect when trying to follow so many different soccer scores at once.

9. 365Scores

  • Live Score, News

This is yet another live scores and news update app for soccer fans. Those who follow sports have probably heard of 365Scores at some point, as they cover all the major events as well. From a soccer standpoint only, they are very locked in, providing links to the biggest articles from the Daily Mail, Express, and The Independent. It’s very easy to jump to those sites directly from the app.

The lineup section for soccer scores is done with a 3-D pitch, which some people like to feel a lot more immersed in the action. It’s also very easy to get caught up on any game by clicking the first tab and seeing highlights. In just a few minutes, it’s easy to catch up with all the games and feel a lot more comfortable.

Looking for a way to pass the time with an app? There are quizzes available through 365Scores, where users can guess team logos, players, teams, and more. Testing the knowledge of soccer while on the go can be a pretty easy way to pass the time.

10. Football Strike

  • Mobile Game

Some people don’t have the time to play actual soccer on their phones. For an app that provides addicting gameplay at a faster pace, this is an option. It is one of the most highly rated games out there right now, and they keep it pretty simple by offering online and offline play.

Taking free kicks acts like a game of face-offs to show who is the best. There’s plenty to unlock along the way, which makes it highly addicting. It’s essentially a one-on-one matchup over and over again, and it’s hard to argue with reviews posted by real players. They love the simplicity, while still turning into a highly competitive game.