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7 Best Podcasts About Arsenal FC

Arsenal FC, based in the North London area of England’s capital city is one of the best-supported soccer teams in the world. This of course means that there is a huge desire for fans to digest information and opinions about their team and podcasts are now the best way to do this.

With some fans becoming disillusioned with the once all-powerful Arsenal Fan TV, they have looked for alternatives and today we’ll be taking you through our top seven Arsenal FC podcasts. 

7. Pain in the Arsenal Podcast

First on our list is a podcast that was born out of an already successful website that is devoted to all things Arsenal.

Pain in the Arsenal was a high-quality podcast that is perfect for fans that want in-depth discussions about the goings on in and around the club.

This podcast would be much higher on our list if it was still up and running today, as it ceased posting during the troubled reign of Unai Emery.

This being said, the podcast is still worth a listen if you want a trip down memory lane. The website is also very informative. 

6. The Arsenal Opinion

For Arsenal fans based in the United States, there is no better choice than The Arsenal Opinion podcast. This show is hosted by three Arsenal fans (Pedro, Matt, and Johnny) and is the perfect place for fan reactions and opinions. 

There are usually around two episodes a week of this podcast that last for around an hour, meaning that you can regularly get your fix of Arsenal news, insights, and even some strategic analysis from the hosts. 

The team is based in Manhattan, making the podcast perfect for anyone on the East Coast of the US. If you live outside of the States, it’s still worth listening to if you want to hear some different opinions on Arsenal. 

5. Up Gunners NG

If you weren’t aware by now, Arsenal has strong support from the African community, and nowhere is this more apparent than in Nigeria. There is also a large Nigerian community in the UK, with much of the diaspora supporting the Gunners.

As such it seems right that there is a podcast devoted to the community and their support of Arsenal. The Podcast isn’t as regular as some of the others on this list, but the hosts make up for this with an excellent show. 

The Podcast is based in Lagos, the capital of Nigeria, and is the perfect place for African fans to get their Arsenal fix. 

4. A Bergkamp Wonderland

Named after the famous Dutch legend Dennis Bergkamp, this podcast has been running since 2013 and has had a range of hosts that have all contributed something different for listeners to enjoy.

The is one of the most listened to Arsenal podcast’s across all platforms, with over 4 Million listens across its 9-year existence. Like many of the podcasts on this list, there are regular opinions, reflections, and much more.

The best editions of A Bergkamp Wonderland are the end-of-season award shows that they produce each season, the fans get to vote on various subjects all related to Arsenal. The hosts then discuss the decisions made by their listeners and give their own views on the season just gone. 

3. Arsenal Vision Post Match Podcast

This is a slightly different podcast to many in this list, with it focussing upon post-match analysis and reflection rather than random opinions. Of course, this makes it a very different listen than many fans may be used to.

The Post Match podcast can usually be found on their website around two days after a match or important event at the club (new signing, managerial change, etc) Episodes tend to last for around one hour.

Whilst the podcast does have a more serious tone at times, it is still fun and insightful which makes it one of the best on the airwaves right now. 

2. Same Old Arsenal Podcast

Another great Arsenal double act, hosts Craig and Amanda are a brilliant pair that brings the Same Old Arsenal Podcast to fans around the globe.

Like many in this list, the format is relatively simple, with regular match previews, reviews, and all the latest news from North London being discussed. 

The podcast, whilst devoted to Arsenal also occasionally discusses more general soccer topics and this gives the podcast a freshness that others may not have.

A personal favorite of ours is ‘The Ultimate Premier League 11’ episode in which the panel chooses the best players to go in their ultimate side. 

1. Arseblog Arsecast

As well as being the biggest and best Arsenal blog in the world, Arseblog also has a podcast that releases twice a week (on Monday and Friday).

Arsecast discusses all things Arsenal men’s team, whilst their sister podcast Arsenal Women Arsecast speaks about the women’s side of the sport. 

The podcast claims to be the original Arsenal show and it is clear to see why it is so popular with fans. There is a level of professionalism in the production of each episode that sets it apart from any other Arsenal podcast currently available. 

If you want an Arsenal podcast to listen to regularly, this is the place to go. As a new listener, you will soon become addicted. 

Now that you know the top seven Arsenal podcasts that can be found across the airwaves, why not give all of them a try and see which is your favourite?