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7 Best Places To Buy Soccer Jerseys

Over the past few years, there has been exponential growth in the soccer jersey market, with fans all around the world desperate to find the best deals to grow their collection.

Most of this growth has come in the classic jersey market as jerseys from the past become rarer by the season. 

Collecting soccer jerseys is a wonderful pastime and is also a good investment if you pick the right ones, some jerseys from just a few years ago are already worth much more than their original retail value.

Today we will be letting you in a few secrets and telling you where the 7 best places to buy soccer jerseys are. 

1. Amazon

We’re going to start our list with potentially the most obvious place to buy soccer jerseys. Amazon is almost always the first place that many people go to whenever they want to buy something these days, including soccer jerseys. 

If you simply search for them in the search bar at the top of the page, Amazon will bring up a plethora of both original and fake Soccer jerseys so make sure you filter between them from the very start. Once you have done this, you should start to filter the search even further.

Some companies such as Nike and Adidas have their own dedicated stores on Amazon and often upload many of their outlet pieces onto the site at a discounted price when compared to buying direct. The same applied to many top-quality teams with their own Amazon store page. 

Another advantage that Amazon has over many other retailers is that they provide one-day delivery at no extra cost providing you have an Amazon Prime membership.

Chances are you’ve got one of those by now and if you haven’t you can pay for one-day delivery on top of the price of your jersey. 

2. The Thrift Store 

It may not seem like the most obvious place to go, but the thrift store can be an absolute goldmine for finding historic soccer jerseys and modern classics.

The important thing to note about thrift stores is that you are never guaranteed to find a jersey in amongst the thousands of other items that are on sale, but if you do then you may be able to snatch a bargain. 

These days, hunting around thrift stores is not the hidden secret that it used to be. I for one could fine jerseys that were twenty years old for as little as $5 in the past, nowadays though many shop managers have caught onto the trend and bumped up the prices.

It is merely a case of supply in demand, as people want to buy more jerseys thrift stores can put the prices up and make more money from them.

The best time to visit the thrift store is early in the morning, or just after they have received a delivery (if you know when this is, even better). The reason for this is simple, the jerseys won’t be on display yet and can be bought before anyone else gets to see them. 

Make sure to be aware of fakes though, as there are very few quality control measures at some stores. 

3. Direct From Suppliers

If you aren’t too sure about scouring the streets of your local town or city to find a new jersey, then the best place to go is simply straight to the source.

Major kit manufacturers such as Nike and Adidas have dedicated web pages to buying soccer jerseys as they supply them to teams around the world. 

This also allows you to buy jerseys of teams from outside of the US for a much lower price than buying them from the team themselves as postage costs are considerably higher when importing goods from abroad. 

These companies also have high street stores scattered across the globe, all of which sell a wide range of Soccer jerseys for teams such as Real Madrid, Manchester United, and Chelsea.

If you’re lucky there may even be an outlet store near to your house, these work as a way of companies selling last seasons stock at a reduced price and are the best places to snap up last seasons gear. 

4. M and M Direct  

The soccer jersey-collecting craze has swept the United Kingdom arguably more than any other country and as such many companies that are based in the country have caught onto the hype and used it to their advantage.

This isn’t to say that consumers have come off worse for this though, as shown by M and M Direct. 

Primarily a discount fashion website, the company have become synonymous with finding cheap Soccer jersey with fans around the country.

M and M Direct even have a dedicated Twitter page for their Soccer jersey drops, which occur regularly given how fast some of them sell out. 

Most of the time, the jersey on sale are a few seasons old and can be snapped up for less than £20 a time. The company offers free delivery to those based in the UK but fear not they also post to the US for a price. 

It may not be the best choice for US-based readers, however, if you’re interested in some more niche jerseys such as Lesotho, Jamaica, and Wolverhampton Wanderers then you may well be in luck. 

5. Kitbag 

Next up on our list are a company that has been around for some time now but is only continuing to grow in the market.

Kitbag was initially a UK-based Sports jersey website that was bought out by sporting megacompany fanatics International in 2016 and is one of the largest suppliers of current season merchandise in the world.

The prices on the website are not cheap, given that they are stocking modern jerseys this is hardly a surprise though.

The company also offer printed jerseys for many of the teams that they have in stock which is a big thing for collectors as printed jerseys are usually worth more, especially with an iconic name and number on the back.

Despite the higher prices, there are regular sales and discount codes available on the site that help to ease the pain of paying so much for a jersey. The reason that Kitbag is so high on our list is due to their impressive range of jerseys and the reliability of their delivery. 

6. Classic Football Shirts 

A few years ago you could be forgiven for not knowing about Classic Football Shirts, especially as an American soccer fan. Nowadays though, they are the market leader in the sale of retro and classic soccer jerseys and ship to locations around the globe. 

The company was started by two university students who saw a gap in the market for a bespoke classic shirt business, fast forward to the present day and ‘CFS’ as it is known to many has a huge warehouse that is packed to the rafter with almost any jersey you can think of.

They even have their private collection of match-worn jerseys, that include some absolute stunners. 

If you ever find yourself visiting Manchester or London, there are also two CFS high street stores that allow you to ‘try before you buy’, with the stores resembling museums more than anything else. They are both well worth a visit. 

7. Your Teams Club Store 

There are a number of reasons why going to the club store is the best place to buy your soccer jerseys, but the main one is that you should always support your team in whatever way possible.

By purchasing your jersey direct from the team, they are more likely to earn a greater percentage of the sale that can be re-invested into the team for the future. 

Alongside this, you know that by buying from the club store your jersey will be genuine and can be made to order to your exact specifications when it comes to personalization. Many clubs sell competition patches that you cannot usually find if you buy from anywhere else. 

Most professional teams have stores online and at the stadium (some have stores on the high street too), making it an easy-to-find place that is always going to have something you want.

Many teams also sell retro reproductions of their classic jerseys that are much cheaper than an original, this is a topic of great debate in the soccer jersey collecting community though. 

Final Tips

Remember that the jersey sizes from the different soccer brands can vary quite a bit, check out this guide on how soccer jerseys fit before ordering anything online.

Hopefully, this short list has helped you decide where you want to find the next soccer jersey for your collection and if you know of any other great places to find them don’t be afraid to share your secrets too.


What’s the best time of year to buy soccer jerseys?

Soccer jerseys often go on sale at the end of the season or just before a new kit is released. This is usually around May or June for club teams and just after major tournaments for national teams. Keep an eye out for sales during these periods, as you might snag a great deal.

How can I spot a fake soccer jersey?

Look for signs like poor stitching, incorrect logos, or off-color designs. Authentic jerseys usually have quality tags, official holograms, and are made from high-grade materials. If the price is too good to be true, it probably is.

Is it worth investing in vintage soccer jerseys?

Absolutely! Vintage soccer jerseys can increase in value, especially if they’re from significant seasons or worn by famous players. Keep them in good condition, and they might just be a gold mine in the future.

Can I customize soccer jerseys when buying online?

Yes, many online stores offer customization options. You can add your name, favorite player’s name, or number. Check the customization options before checkout, as it might cost extra.

What’s the difference between a player’s version and a fan’s version of a jersey?

Player’s versions are designed for the field, with performance tech and a tighter fit. Fan versions are more relaxed and comfortable for everyday wear. They’re also usually more affordable.

How do I care for my soccer jerseys?

  • Wash inside out in cold water.
  • Avoid bleach and fabric softeners.
  • Hang dry instead of using a dryer.
  • Don’t iron over prints or logos.

Are there eco-friendly soccer jerseys?

Yes, many brands now use recycled materials. Adidas, for instance, has jerseys made from ocean plastic. Eco-friendly jerseys are not just good for the planet but also high in quality.

Why do some soccer jerseys have patches?

Patches signify league participation, championships, or special events. They add authenticity and are a must for collectors. Always check if the jersey comes with official patches.

Do women’s soccer jerseys differ from men’s?

Women’s jerseys often have a different cut for a more fitted look. However, many female fans also opt for the unisex or men’s fit for comfort.

Is it better to buy soccer jerseys in-store or online?

It depends. In-store, you can try them on for size, but online stores often have a wider selection and better deals. If you know your size, online shopping might be more convenient.

How do I know my soccer jersey size?

Soccer jersey sizes can vary by brand. Check the specific brand’s size chart before buying. It’s often best to measure a jersey you already own and compare.

Are there special editions of soccer jerseys?

Yes, teams often release special editions for anniversaries, remembrances, or charity events. These are limited and can be valuable for collectors.

Can I buy soccer jerseys of retired players?

Absolutely. Many stores sell retro jerseys of legendary players. They’re great for nostalgic fans and collectors.

What’s the price range for authentic soccer jerseys?

Authentic jerseys typically range from $60 to $120. Special editions or player-issue jerseys may cost more. Always consider your budget and the jersey’s authenticity.

How often do teams change their jerseys?

Most teams release new home and away kits every season, with third kits every couple of years. This keeps the designs fresh and fans excited.