20 Best Soccer Songs of All Time

From official World Cup songs to club-specific anthems, there are more than enough soccer songs to choose from.

Although I am sure there are more iconic songs from around the soccer world, many in languages I don’t understand, these 20 are the ones my soccer-mad friends and I agreed were the best

20. Welsh National Anthem

  • Composer: James James
  • Who: Welsh Soccer Supporters
  • When: Any Home international

This is probably not what you expected on a list of best soccer songs ever, but listening to the Welsh fans sing their national anthem before a home game will send shivers down your spine. 

19. I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles 

  • Artist: John Kellette
  • Who: West Ham Fans
  • When: 1940 League War Cup Final

Written by James Kendis, John Kellett, Jaan Kenbrovi, I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles is a song that features a chorus of bubbles. How the lyrics to “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles” became the anthem for West Ham United is an interesting one.

Former manager Charlie Paynter introduced the anthem to the Hammers after meeting a trialist who resembled the boy from John Millais’ painting “Bubbles” from a soap commercial at the time. 

18. World Cup Willie 

  • Artist: Lonnie Donegan: 
  • Who: English soccer fans
  • When: World Cup 1966

I find it interesting that England’s first soccer anthem was sung by Lonnie Donegan, a Scotsman known as the King of Skiffle. As well as singing, he was once a member of the Peterborough United soccer team.

As a famous singer in Britain, he was considered a good choice for the role. Willie was a groundbreaking merchandising mascot as a result of the song.

17. ‘Carnaval de Paris’ 

  • Artist: Dario G,
  • Who: World Cup Soccer fans
  • When: World Cup 1998

A famous football song is more likely to have originated in a money-grabbing meeting room than from the fans.

However, ‘Carnaval de Paris’ is an exception: it came from FC Utrecht fans during a pre-season tour in 1996; 

16. Liverpool FC – Anfield Rap

  • Artists: Liverpool FC players and managers
  • Who: Liverpool Football Fans
  • When:  USA 1994

Though “The Anfield Rap” has divided opinion, it is one of the greatest soccer songs ever recorded, the fact that the soccer player.

Liverpool members rap along to a Funkadelic sample famously used by LL Cool J and Eric B, similar to the American soccer classic “Super Bowl Shuffle” by the Chicago Bears. And Rakim. 

15. Gloryland 

  • Artists: Daryl Hall And Sounds Of Blackness:
  • Who: World Cup Fans
  • When: USA 1994

It’s almost as common to hear power ballads in soccer as Tottenham league title they went for the big sounds s, but when America hosted 1994, World Cup sounds. The song was recorded by Daryl Hall and Sounds Of Blackness instead of John Oates. 

The song, written by British writers Charlie Skarbek and Rick Blaskey, is also available in a Spanish translation. The lyrics are based on the traditional spiritual “When I Lay My Burden Down.”

15. Together Now 

  • Artist: Jean Michel Jarre
  • Who: World Cup France
  • When: 1998

Japanese producer Tetsuya “TK” Komuro and French techno legend Jean Michel Jarre. The song was sung by Olivia Lufkin, a teenage Japanese singer who Jarre was struck by for her “angelic voice”.

The song should not be confused with “All Together Now,” an anti-war song for the 1990 World Cup by Liverpool and The Farm.

14. Hot Shot Tottenham 

  • Artist(s): Chas & Dave: 
  • Who: Tottenham Hotspur Fans
  • When: FA Cup Final 1987

Hot Shot Tottenham is one of the best soccer songs of the 1980s, released to celebrate Tottenham’s FA Cup Final appearance in 1987. Spurs enjoyed extensive success in the 70s and 80s, often with the assistance of the cockney duo. “Ossie’s Dream,” “Tottenham, Tottenham,” and “When The Year Ends in One” will be remembered by many Spurs fans.

13. World in Motion

  • Artist(s): New Order 
  • Who: England Soccer Fans
  • When: 1990

They think that the war is over… well it is now! “, famously taken from 1966 commentary of England’s first and only World Cup Triumph and still reminded of his absence from the recording session. John Barnes replaced Gary Lineker, not a mumbling Peter Beardsley, to perform a solo rap.

12. Les Cour Des Grands

  • Artist(s): Youssou N’Dor and Belgian singer Axelle Red
  • Who: World Cup Fans
  • When: 1998

Another classic World Cup song from the 1998 French tournament. It was released in England under the title “Do You Mind If I Play? French singer Axelle Red and Senegalese singer and composer Youssou N’Dor created a moving human rights hymn for France 98.

Christian Polloni plays a fine guitar track in the video. Four years later, in their first World Cup, Senegal reached the quarter-finals, and N’Dor said, “They did in 15 days what I’ve spent 15 years trying to do.”

11. Cant Del Barça

  • Artist(s): Jaume Picas, Josep Maria Espinàs, and Manuel Valls
  • Who: Barcelona Fans
  • When: 1974

To celebrate Barcelona’s 75th anniversary, these three artists were commissioned to write a song. The song was first performed at the Nou Camp by a choir of 3,500 voices ahead of FC Barcelona’s clash with East Germany.

The Catalan giants’ supporters can often be heard singing Cant del Barça before matches at the Camp Nou today.

10. Don’t Come Home Too Soon (1998)

  • Artist(s): Del Amitri:
  • Who: Scotland Fans
  • When: 1998

Scots World Cup failures have always been a mix of misery and comedy. Things got off to disastrous campaign of 1978 got off to a bad start with Rod Stewart’s samba stinker “Ole Ola.”

The lesson was learned (musically, at least) when a Glasgow rock band, Del Amitri, released the infectious song “Don’t Come Home Too Soon.”  No Tartan miracle happened, and Scotland finished bottom of their opening group, just behind Morocco.

9. Put them Under Pressure

  • Artists: Larry Mullen Jnr, Denis Woods, John Donnelly.
  • Who: Ireland Soccer Fans
  • When: Italia ‘90

When Ireland qualified for the Quarter Finals of the World Cup and soccer fever swept the country, it was the golden era of Irish soccer. In 1990, the Republic of Ireland national soccer team played this song at the FIFA World Cup in Italy. The song became famous after Ireland’s first-ever appearance on the world stage. Larry Mullen produced the track, and Moya Brennan provided the introduction.

8. La Copa De La Vida

  • Artist(s): Ricky Martin
  • Who: World Cup Soccer Fans
  • When: France ‘98

“La Copa De La Vida,” written by Luis Gomez Escobar, Desmond Child, and Rubi Draco Rosa, was one of the fans of France’s ‘98 favorite songs. Just one of many defining songs of an excellent tournament,

7. Stern Des Südens

  • Artist: Willy Astor
  • Who: Bayern Munich Fans
  • When: 1998

The song Stern des Südens was written by Willy Astor and sung by fans of the German Bundesliga club, Bayern Munich. Its title means ‘Star of the South.’ The song has now been translated into 12 languages as a result of the club’s popularity.

6. Shakira: Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) (2010)

  • Artist(s): Shakira
  • Who: Fans of the Soccer World Cup
  • When: 2010

Pulsating Latin rhythms combine with vibrant singing and African percussion to create a catchy soccer song that has become one of the best in recent memory and was nominated for a Billboard award for top Latin song.

 Video footage of a young Lionel Messi was included in the advertisement, which sold well. The South African team sang “Shosholoza” (which was recorded by Ladysmith Black Mambazo) as they entered the field for the opening game.

5. Roma (Roma, Roma, Roma)

  • Artist(s): Antonello Venditti
  • Who: Roma FC Fans
  • When: 2001

The anthem for La Magica (“The Magic One”) had to be exceptional. Fortunately, Rome-born singer-songwriter Antonello Venditti’s terrific track fits the bill perfectly.

A hard-core Giallorossi fan himself, the artist signs alongside the entire crowd of fans before every home match for the Giallorossi. This creates a distinctive atmosphere within the sport.

4. Three Lions (Football’s Coming Home)

  • Artist(s): The Lightning Seeds
  • Who: England Soccer Fans
  • When: 1996

For Euro 96, the song was written by Frank Sinner, David Baddiel, and The Lightning Seeds. The music was reissued for the 1998 FIFA World Cup and reached No.1 on the UK charts. One of the best soccer songs of all time is an upbeat melody and optimistic lyrics. 

Despite England’s flop again, the lyrics of “No more pain/No more dreaming” seemed out of place. Nonetheless, the song is still prevalent. Surprisingly, it reached No.17 on the Offiziellen Deutschen Charts in Germany. Those lyrics from Jimmy Hill’s original song (“We’ll keep getting bad results”) seem to still ring true in 2021 as a string of poor results in big games continues.

3. Fat Les: Vindaloo (1998)

  • Artist(s): Fat Les
  • Who: English Soccer fans
  • When: 1998

Despite placing second behind “Three Lions” on the UK chart. In third place, I remembered “Vindaloo.” Because it’s a peculiarly ridiculous song about English soccer by Fat Les (bassist Alex James from Blur, artist Damien Hirst, and actor Keith Allen, singing the part of Ian Drury). 

Most of their song consists of the phrase “Nah Nah Nah” repeated constantly, along with the word “vindaloo.” Incidentally, there is a good Max Wall lookalike in the “Bittersweet Symphony” parody video. The lookalike bears a disturbing resemblance to former Newcastle, QPR, and Derby manager Jim Smith.

2. Always Look on the Bright Side of Life (2014)

  • Artist(s): Monty Python cast
  • Who: Long suffer English Soccer Fans
  • When: 2014

As an Irish soccer fan, most of us will admit to deriving a little pleasure from the hype and eventual crushing demise of the hopes of English soccer fans before and during big soccer tournaments. However, we do have them to thank for some iconic soccer songs.

This iconic UK comedy troupe originally wrote “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” for the film Life of Brian. Given England’s woes at the World Cup, though, they decided to write a new verse and turn it into an unofficial theme 2014 theme song. The tune has since become a chant used by plenty of teams, including Champions League perennial Manchester City. – Sam Armstrong

1. “You’ll Never Walk Alone,”

  • Artist(s): Gerry and the Pacemakers
  • Who: Liverpool FC Fans
  • When: 1963

Oscar Hammerstein and Richard Rodgers wrote the most iconic soccer song for the 1945 musical Carousel. Since then, thousands of versions have been recorded, including those by Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Johnny Cash, and Louis Armstrong. This song was a No.1 UK hit for the Pacemakers in 1963 and has since been sung by Liverpool fans around the world in stadiums.

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